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The fondest and most vivid memories I have of Grandma Govednik are from her kitchen!  Oh, how I wish I had paid more attention to what she was doing and how she did it! 

I'm sure there are dozens of old and new world culinary delights to share!   So do share!  Okay, I'll make you a deal here, share your recipe and I'll make it for you - deal?

I have come close and continue to seek the the level of mastery that Grandma Govednik obtained in making the ultimate mouth watering delicacy, Chocolate Potica!   I remember once when she babysat for us kids and made Carrot Potica (Dads garden had a bumper crop that year).  That was the only time I recall having it and, to this day, I still search for that recipe.  Maybe you can help me find this journey's end?   In the meanwhile, try your hands at Chocolate Potica!

Govednik Chocolate Potica

If you'd like to order a Potica, check out the web site for the Italian Bakery of Virginia, MN. at http://www.potica.com/page3.html They also have a very interesting history on Potica.


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