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The flag of Slovenija.

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Although there is, so far as I have found as of this date, no official Coat Of Arms known for the Govednik family or the town of Businja VAS, it would seem that the closest  appropriate allegiance would be that of the nearest larger town, and that would be Metlika.  Probably not factual but certainly of interest, here's the official Coat of Arms for Metlika, Slovenija.  Interestingly, most of the coats of arms for Slovenija follow this basic idea.  Why don't you tell us why!

metlika Coat.gif (1206 bytes)


On January 27, 1925, Frank Govednik, Sr. married Ann Kocjancic.  Anne's mother, was Mary Horvat.  The Horvat family is from Novo mesto, Slovenija which is about 40 kilometers northeast of Businja VAS.  Here's the official Coat of Arms for the Town of Novo mesto. 

novo.gif (1745 bytes)

If there are any other regions of Slovenija that deserve to have their Coat of Arms proudly displayed here in the Hall of Arms, let me know.  If it's out there, it will be in here!

For more information and history of the Slovenijan flag and coats of arms, visit http://www.un.int/slovenia/insignia.html.


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